the details

our paid newsletter + the future

Hi, there. Haley and Missy of HUMANxNATURE here.

In our first dispatch, we mentioned some forthcoming details about this space and our plans for the future. So here they are: we’re working on our second print issue, and we’re moving our digital content to a paid newsletter model.

As you read last time, we’re kicking off that newsletter here with the work from our first issue. This means a lot of you have already paid to support and access that content. So that means if you backed our Kickstarter, you’ve got a free subscription to our newsletter for 90 days sitting in your inbox (the one you provided on your Kickstarter backer account). And after those 90 days, we’ll send a discount your way for all our new, exclusive newsletter content because, hey, you believed in us when all we had was an idea and some illustrated mock-ups—and we really appreciate that!

And for all newer-comers to this space, here’s your chance to read our first issue and exclusive newsletter content, and to support our new ideas and future contributors. $5 per month (or $50 per year) gets you that and more.

So join us, or stay tuned for free for all our news and updates. Next week, we’re sending all our paid supporters (and Kickstarter backers) the opening essay from our first issue, by none other than Claire Comstock-Gay—but you may know her as the beloved Madame Clairevoyant.